Fitness Facility Design Services

Fitness Facility Design Services

3D Visual

2D Visual

Custom 2D or 3D Layouts

Before you buy fitness equipment from us, we’ll visit your site to take precise measurements of your space and consult with you on your needs and budget. Using this information, we can create a 2D or 3D visual, which will include:

  • A bird’s eye view showcasing the placement of all equipment and exact models
  • Real-time walk-through technology to allow you to envision the space through your clients’ eyes
  • Intricate details like wall colors, flooring, and room decor for a holistic presentation of your vision
Solutions to Fit Your Floor Space

Whether you have an entire floor dedicated to fitness or a single room, we’ll create a plan that shows the ideal layout for long-term functionality and increased return on your investment. We’ll take into account all special considerations, such as ADA requirements, windows and walkways, and electronic features. Thanks to our drawn-to-scale 2D or 3D models, you’ll never have to rearrange heavy workout equipment for a better layout, and you’ll never end up buying more machines than you have room for! We want you to have a realistic idea of how your new fitness center will look before you invest in the machines, and we hope this gives you confidence in your decision to purchase from us.

When it comes to creating your commercial workout space, the layout is just as important as the machines themselves. When you purchase equipment from Fitness Equipment Solutions, we’ll provide fitness facility design services to help you maximize space for more effective workouts.

With fitness facility design services from Fitness Equipment Solutions, you can feel confident that you’re making the most out of your workout space. Whether you’re adding a new fitness room or upgrading an existing one, get in touch today for your free evaluation.